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Interface to CFMU - 13.02.2012
 Aviation Office now uses version 15 of the B2B web service to the CFMU

General Declaration - 30.07.2010
  From now you can create a General Declaration for a flight if needed.

Pre Clearance Of Immigration - 06.04.2010
  With the procedure of Pre Clearance Of Immigration formalities for the entry of England and Russia will be simplified.

Unterstützung für 64-Bit Betriebssysteme - 09.03.2010
  Aviation Office now supports 64-bit operating systems

Emission Report - 20.01.2010
  For all companies that are affected by the introduction of emissions trading, an emission report is available.

Movement Message Forwarding - 18.01.2010
  Incoming Movementmessages can be individually forwarded via SMS or e-mail for each flight. In addition to the xxx forwarding there is also the possibility to set up permanent redirects.

Fuel price Advisory - 15.07.2009
  With this extension you will be pointed to extremely high fuel prices at airports directly during preparing the proposal and these information can then be taken into account in your order-related price calculation. Unpleasant surprises will be avoided in your post calculation.

Interface to CFMU - 07.07.2009
  Aviation Office offers an interface to the CFMU from the version Thus you have a direct access to two Internet services, which are offered by Euro control:
  • IFPS Validation
  • Route Proposal
Crew Duty Times - 25.05.2009
  After a meeting with the LBA it is now clear that local nights are not tied to the home base. Therefore, you can configure the report about the crew duty time, so that night stops are also possible at different locations than the home base. This leads to the possibility that 36 hours rest periods for the purpose of the EU-OPS does not have to necessarily take place at the official residence.

New report about flight types - 24.05.2009
  The software version makes a new report available "flight hours overview - flight type".
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